Four Ways To Make Sure Your “Escape The Room” Party Goes Right

What is "Escape the Room" and why has it become so popular? Escape the Room is a puzzle-oriented group experience in which small teams are locked in a room and challenged with finding the right combination. Generally an Escape the Room experience will take no longer than one to three hours -- and there's usually a prize at the end!  1. Elect a Leader Beforehand  The room escape experience is generally a timed one, so you don't want any confusion once the game actually starts! Read More 

3 Unique Date Ideas In Phoenix

There are few things more exciting than a budding romance. Finding new and unique ways to spend time with the object of your affection can be a challenge at times. If you live in the Phoenix area, then you have access to more unique venues than you might realize. Here are three unique date ideas to take advantage of the next time you want a romantic experience and are looking for things to do in Phoenix. Read More