Liven Up The Company Picnic With These 4 Party Rentals

If you're arranging a company picnic, then you might want to consider some party rental items. These are a fun way to transform the picnic from a normal, outdoor party, into a more memorable event. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Dunk Tank

A dunk tank is a really fun way to raise money for charity. The boss can sit on the hot seat and tickets can be sold, which allow people to take a shot at the bullseye. The proceeds from the dunk tank ticket sale can go to a charity that the office decides upon. If the boss doesn't find it appropriate, or is not able to sit in the tank for physical reasons, then someone else from the office can always sit in the tank.

The tanks can be delivered to the picnic area and filled the morning of the event. There are different styles of tanks from companies like KO Water Games. Some of them even have a clear, Plexiglas front that lets you see the person once they fall into the water.

Human Hamster Globe

These are inflatable "globes" that a person can get inside of. They are normally made of a thick, plastic that is inflated with an electric pump. Sometimes people will get inside of these orbs and roll downhill, but for a company picnic a great alternative is to have a side-by-side orb race. Once a person is inside the orb they control it by pushing their hands and directing the orb. It is fun because the orb can move in any direction, and its safe because the person on the inside is protected from any damage.

Inflatable Water Slide

This slide is great if there are going to be kids at the company picnic. If you're company is inviting families, then there should be activities there for the kids as well. One great attraction is a large, inflatable water slide. These are perfect for the young kids who are too small to enjoy the large hamster globes. The slides are inflated on site and a pump circulates water over the run of the slide.

Inflatable Jousting Arena

An inflatable jousting arena is a fun, safe way for co-workers to get competitive and duke it out like gladiators. A large, inflatable base provides the cushioning. In the middle of the base are two podiums. The "combatants" stand on each podium and joust it out with foam jousting lances.