Turn An Average Balloon Into A Decorative Masterpiece

Balloons can add color and excitement to any event. Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, graduation, or other special occasion, balloons can make things more festive. Instead of buying a large bunch of helium-filled balloons and just sitting them in a corner, why not try out some creative ideas using balloons to create a real decorative masterpiece? Here are a few ideas you can try at your next party to make use of the balloons in a completely unique way.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Take an inflated balloon and place a mesh netting material over it, allowing the material to drape down over the bottom of the balloon. Tie the bottom of the mesh netting to a basket, and it will look like a cute miniature hot air balloon. Fill the basket with flowers or candy, and it makes a wonderfully whimsical centerpiece for the tables at your party. You can add a few small tassels to the bottom of the balloon to give it an authentic look. This is a wonderful idea for baby or bridal showers as well as wedding tables.

Balloon Wreaths 

Instead of using inflated balloons in your decor theme, you can use deflated ones to craft some really pretty arrangements. Take a bag of multi-colored balloons and pin them around a foam florist's wreath to create a really festive look. Use stick pins and press them through the narrow end of the balloon and down into the foam until it's secured. This is a very easy project, and it adds a touch of whimsy and celebration to your party in just minutes. Make sure you alternate the different colors of the balloons so your wreath is cheery and colorful.

Fun Fruit Balloon Banner

For a summertime outdoor party, use balloons to make a really cute banner that resembles different tropical fruits. Choose small purple balloons for a bunch of grapes, long thin yellow balloons to represent a banana, and bright red round ones to look like apples. Get creative and think of the different colors that fruits can come in, and then transform the balloons by adding cute leaves cut out of green construction paper.

Attach the paper leaves to the top of the balloons and hang them along a string. Space them out so guests can clearly see each balloon and how it looks like fruit. This is a really fun idea for summertime get together parties, and will add a splash of color and creativity. Balloons can be used in all kinds of ways, so think outside of the box and see what you can do with your next bag of balloons. Click here to learn more about balloon centerpieces.