The Professional’s Guide To Corporate Event Planning

Companies large and small like to prepare a few corporate-themed events throughout the year to motivate employees, find out more about the status of their business, and bring people together. These types of events can range from the casual dinner get-together to a multi-day conference with guest speakers. If you're getting ready to plan your next corporate event, use this guide to help you get everything organized so that the big day goes off without a hitch.

Lock In Your Location

Determining the location for your event is the first step for planning a successful and memorable event. Whether it's a hotel conference room, a luxury resort, or just a local restaurant, decide on where you want to hold the event and if they'll be able to accommodate the number of people who plan to attend. Once you decide on the location, you'll need to choose a firm date or dates. Make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Not only will this guarantee you a spot at the location, but it will provide you with plenty of time to market and plan. A firm date will also allow you to get an exact head count of who will be attending.

Craft A Schedule

When it comes to company-related events, you will need to draft a comprehensive schedule for the attendees. Whether it's official meeting times, a formal address by the CEO, or special workshops for employees, each activity needs to be planned out in advance. This will ensure that the employees know where to be and at what time, and gives your event a solid structure. Make large printed signs to use at the event and print out flyers that have the schedule included so that it's clear what the plans will be. Make sure that all of your speakers are committed to attending before you announce the schedule.

Get The Buzz Going

If you want to have as many participants as possible for the event, networking and advertising are key. Have the different branches of your company pass the word along to everyone and mail announcements to all employees. Post signs throughout your company's different locations and come up with a creative theme that will stick in everyone's mind. Be sure you ask that everyone RSVP for the event by a certain date so you can work on planning the food menu and hotel rooms if needed. When you get a buzz going about the big day, it will get your employees excited to be a part of it. With proper planning, your next corporate event should be a raring success, and your employees will look forward to the next one.

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