Four Ways To Make Sure Your “Escape The Room” Party Goes Right

What is "Escape the Room" and why has it become so popular? Escape the Room is a puzzle-oriented group experience in which small teams are locked in a room and challenged with finding the right combination. Generally an Escape the Room experience will take no longer than one to three hours -- and there's usually a prize at the end! 

1. Elect a Leader Beforehand 

The room escape experience is generally a timed one, so you don't want any confusion once the game actually starts! Begin by electing a leader beforehand. A leader doesn't necessarily need to be bossy -- they can simply supply direction and track all of the clues and information that you have regarding the puzzle. Can't decide? Consider electing a leader at random by drawing straws.

2. Check Health Issues

You're not really locked in a room in "Escape the Room" -- there's usually an emergency exit. But you should still keep in mind that some of your team members may have concerns, such as blood sugar. If you want to make sure that no one has to leave early (and everyone has a great time), prepare in advance to head off any potential health issues. 

3. Learn Your Escape the Room Theme

Most room escape puzzles have a certain theme, such as 18th century writing or murder mystery movies. Learning more about these themes can help you with the puzzles -- and it's always a good idea to choose a theme that meshes well with your theme. You don't want to end up in a movie room without a single cinephile in sight! 

4. Pack Some Snacks

Keep in mind that you will be locked in a room. Although you usually can get out in an hour, you might not. Ease the potential for a "hangry" incident by bringing some light snacks and drinks. You may even be able to purchase snacks and drinks at a concession before walking into the room. One item of note though: don't forget common allergies. Fruits may be a good idea, but peanuts and tree nuts most definitely aren't unless you're absolutely certain no one you're with is allergic. 

Your Escape the Room organizers can give you more information about the experience and what you can do to prepare. Remember, the more the merrier -- the experience is usually more exciting and fun the larger the crowd is that goes with you. If you're a planning type, consider organizing your own!