4 Reasons To Teach Your Kids To Spin LED Poi

Poi is a form of dance created by the Maori people of New Zealand that involves spinning weights on ropes around in circular patterns while dancing. While many people associate the practice with music festivals, the growing availability of colorful and lightweight LED poi make it a perfect hobby for your kids. Discover how learning to spin poi could benefit your child in four different ways.     Fun Exercise While spinning poi is not as intense as an exercise as soccer or jumping jacks, it still provides a lot of muscle training and cardiovascular challenge. If you’re having trouble Read More →

Liven Up The Company Picnic With These 4 Party Rentals

If you’re arranging a company picnic, then you might want to consider some party rental items. These are a fun way to transform the picnic from a normal, outdoor party, into a more memorable event. Here are a few ideas to consider. Dunk Tank A dunk tank is a really fun way to raise money for charity. The boss can sit on the hot seat and tickets can be sold, which allow people to take a shot at the bullseye. The proceeds from the dunk tank ticket sale can go to a charity that the office decides upon. If the Read More →

The Professional’s Guide To Corporate Event Planning

Companies large and small like to prepare a few corporate-themed events throughout the year to motivate employees, find out more about the status of their business, and bring people together. These types of events can range from the casual dinner get-together to a multi-day conference with guest speakers. If you’re getting ready to plan your next corporate event, use this guide to help you get everything organized so that the big day goes off without a hitch. Lock In Your Location Determining the location for your event is the first step for planning a successful and memorable event. Whether it’s Read More →