The Professional’s Guide To Corporate Event Planning

Companies large and small like to prepare a few corporate-themed events throughout the year to motivate employees, find out more about the status of their business, and bring people together. These types of events can range from the casual dinner get-together to a multi-day conference with guest speakers. If you’re getting ready to plan your next corporate event, use this guide to help you get everything organized so that the big day goes off without a hitch. Lock In Your Location Determining the location for your event is the first step for planning a successful and memorable event. Whether it’s Read More →

Turn An Average Balloon Into A Decorative Masterpiece

Balloons can add color and excitement to any event. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, graduation, or other special occasion, balloons can make things more festive. Instead of buying a large bunch of helium-filled balloons and just sitting them in a corner, why not try out some creative ideas using balloons to create a real decorative masterpiece? Here are a few ideas you can try at your next party to make use of the balloons in a completely unique way. Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece Take an inflated balloon and place a mesh netting material over it, allowing the material to Read More →

Four Ways To Make Sure Your “Escape The Room” Party Goes Right

What is “Escape the Room” and why has it become so popular? Escape the Room is a puzzle-oriented group experience in which small teams are locked in a room and challenged with finding the right combination. Generally an Escape the Room experience will take no longer than one to three hours — and there’s usually a prize at the end!  1. Elect a Leader Beforehand  The room escape experience is generally a timed one, so you don’t want any confusion once the game actually starts! Begin by electing a leader beforehand. A leader doesn’t necessarily need to be bossy — Read More →